Fire post 006 – Shiet hit the Fan!

Losing a job is some scary shiet! Losing both jobs in the house hold is an Everest sized pile of shiet. Let me update you on what am talking about. So my wife and I have had a rough May 2019. We lost one job half way through the month and we might lose the […]

Fire post 005 – After The financial Snappening!

I decided to consolidate all my debts into one. If you look at the 7 steps to financial freedom, the first goal in step one-Financial Solvency is to get my cashflows to be positive. Soooo… I did something. First I told my wife everything (this part use your judgement, your partner might not be open […]

Fire post 004 – Crisis on Finite Money!

  Just found out something. There is a likely hood we might be reduced to a single income household aaaand by not paying the mobile loans on time, it might block me from accessing a lone that will clear them out and convert them into a long term loan that is more manageable! April has […]

Fire post 003 – Quarter 1 2019 in review & a $1,000 idea!

Looking at my finances for the first three months of 2019, I notice something has to change. Since posting my financials in January, i was able to get my network marketing business up and running(not yet in profit) and was able to generate an income(small) for the first time since I joined 4 years ago. […]

FIRE Post 002- What Should I do next?

The first truth I had to accept on my journey is this: The only person responsible for me, is me. I am directly responsible for what I get out of life, whether good or bad. No one else. Not my parents… Not my spouse… And definitely not the government. So, if I wanted to be more, do […]

FIRE post 001- Where are my current finances?

  FIRE( Financial Independence Retire) Defines my desire with this series. … Currently I am at stage 1  (bills current and my net cashflow is zero or positive)in my financial independence journey. So my only goal in this stage is to get my bills current. The second goal would be to get my net cash-flows to be a positive number. Let me show you […]