Looking at my finances for the first three months of 2019, I notice something has to change. Since posting my financials in January, i was able to get my network marketing business up and running(not yet in profit) and was able to generate an income(small) for the first time since I joined 4 years ago.

Realizing that my network marketing would take abit more time to start cash flowing as i need it to, I started searching for another asset(anything that puts money in my pocket) to supplement what the network marketing business is bringing in.

A brainstorming session with my brother after realizing we both have rent issues, resulted in an idea that just might yield the results i desire. before I share what i mean, let me post my current financial standings.

As you can see, i am still in negative territory in terms of my net cashflow. The percentage has reduced because i refused to pay the mobile money platforms until i have an excess of cash. This might be a foolish decision but time will tell. My assumption in making such a choice is that i will create assets that cashflow meaning a low credit score will not be such a big hindrance to my overall success.

The next step i took was brainstorm on an assets I can create with very little or no money down, that can cashflow and pay for the lifestyle I want to live. i believe I have done it. I am in the process of creating an online course that is poised to generate KES 100,000($1,000) in 5 days!!!!!. i know that is crazy!, coming from a point where my asset only generated about KES 2,000($20), this is huge!!!. and the best part. no start up capital from my pocket was used!!!!!!!!!. If you would like to learn about the course click here , i show you exactly how I created the income as a bonus feature but the main purpose of the course is your personal finance to improve, check it out.

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Cashflow Statement Mar 2019

Balance sheet mar 2019

I begin the second quarter with hope in my heart. hope that in the next 3 months i will create a cashflowing asset that will help me move from stage 1 where I am currently to stage 4(financial security) where I can start building capacity towards Financial Independence.

Till the next Time!

Captain Finance

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