Just found out something. There is a likely hood we might be reduced to a single income household aaaand by not paying the mobile loans on time, it might block me from accessing a lone that will clear them out and convert them into a long term loan that is more manageable! April has had its ups and down, ups were the course pre-launch which proved to me that I can make money from an idea in my head, downs, knowing that I have to pay my short term debts come rain or sunshine this month.


Let’s talk about my current financial situation first. As you would guess, my finances still look interesting at the moment, adding the fact that I need to clear a good chunk of the mobile loans this month. My negative cashflow position worsened this month. I found out that messing my credit score was not very smart if I was to consider going to the bank for a loan top up to clear the mobile loans. But given we have no time machine, I decided to clear the most pressing one first. Tala, This people called me relentlessly, so I pay them with the excess I have this month. Here are my financials for the month of April.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 04976-cashflow-chart-jan.png


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3273c-balance-sheet-mar-2109.png

As you can see, I have a tone of catching up to do.


The single income thing I mentioned before. What I post here are my expenses without what my wife covers. The reason I do that is my finances tend to be shiet as you have seen so far VS my wife’s finances that tend to have a positive cashflow. Meaning I need to pull my big boy pants up and improve my finances quick or else, I might put her in the same situation I am in financially. My plan is simple improve on my 2 existing assets.


In the last post I told you about my network marketing business which was bringing in around KES2,000($20) a month and my online course which sold KES 100,000 ($1,000) worth of online sits in 5 days. My goal for the month of MAY is to make the income consistent. It’s fun to make a tonne of money once but since we pay our bills on a monthly basis, a consistent source of cash is necessary.


Until Next Time, I am,


Captain ‘Improving my Cashflows’ Finance

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