Am ready for this Adventure!

Hello World

This title beautifully captures the mood I am in as I write my first brief post on this site. I can see a bright future with this brand, helping people achieve their dreams and exiting the rat race. I say rat race cause the days seem to be the same; wake up, shower,go to the office, eat breakfast,talk to co-workers. work, eat  lunch, work, go home, eat supper, watch tv, sleeeeeep then finally start it all over again.

I am not knocking the working world, most of my friends have come from this world, I am only highlighting how routing our lives tend to be if our only source of income is to exchange our valuable time for money at the end of the week or the month.

My goal with this website is simple. I will track my progress out of the rat race and into freedom so that I begin living every day like its my last and at the same time, show you how you can have what ever version of freedom you seek.

I will be as honest as I can when I post to the point of being vulnerable with my personal details so that you see that an average person can have what their hearts desire. The process is simple but its not easy, it requires diligence and sacrifice and most importantly commitment. I plan to give this all of me, if you are willing to do the same then follow me on my experiment as I work towards creating leveraged(passive )income so that I can free my time from needing to work a 9-5.


David Micheke (Captain Finance)