The first truth I had to accept on my journey is this:

The only person responsible for me, is me.

I am directly responsible for what I get out of life, whether good or bad. No one else.

Not my parents…

Not my spouse…

And definitely not the government.

So, if I wanted to be more, do more, or have more in my life, it is up to me to make it happen.

So I am.

This words place the responsibility of getting myself into financial independence squarely on my shoulder, very scary but also it creates a level of control in my life I have not felt before.

First step

The first step I took was look at my current financial standing and I realized I am not in an impressive place and at first it looks very scary. If you want to see that just click here then come back to this article.

After figuring out where I am financial what step should I take next?

Step Two

I need to see what is taking most of my money. As you can see on my finances it’s my debt. I need to reduce how much I pay in debt as quickly as possible. The first debt I need to tackle is the loan app debt, why? Cause they are short term debt with the lowest number of repayment months. The Loan apps are repaid in 1 month while the credit card requires 5 months, then next would be the Sacco loan at 20 months and finally the big loan at 41 months.

The first Financial IQ I need to increase and I have already started increasing is making more money. I am going about it through my network marketing business which for the first time in 4 years has started cashflowing. Currently at 1.80% as of this writing but it is going up.

The goal for the next 30 days is eliminate the short term loan app debt.

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