Losing a job is some scary shiet! Losing both jobs in the house hold is an Everest sized pile of shiet. Let me update you on what am talking about. So my wife and I have had a rough May 2019. We lost one job half way through the month and we might lose the other as this month closes. Shiet! Now that you are caught up, let me tell you, it is not fun! Very scary shiet plus the idea that now we have to stare into the abyss and we are freaked out it might stare back!


But since we are here talking about personal finance you know I have to have a different take on how I am handling this situation.

  1. Figure out how much liquid cash I have available.( 3 months easily accessible and 3 months when I liquidate an asset)
  2. Reduce my living expenses even more drastically(they are pretty low for the standard of life I want)
  3. Negotiate with my creditors and inform them I will not be able to service my obligations for the next 6 months.
  4. Ensure I can stretch the cash reserves to cover our living expenses for 6 months( Thank God the snappening enabled us to have the reserves)
  5. Dig my heels into my membership site business and create a loyal following. I have 6 months to do this.

Again, very scary shiet!!! But the worst case scenario is being presented and the best thing to do is accept what is and create what’s next.

Faithfully Yours


Captain, ‘Growing my Income’ Finance

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