Interview by Jeff Koinange;

Sunday afternoon in nairobi was the day. The norfork hotel tends to be calm especially after 4pm


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The Bench at Fairmont norfork nairobi


The two of them sat at the bench infront of the old rickshow still laughing… 3…2…1 camera’s rolling.

Jeff Koinange: Welcome back!, OOH My WaMy! do I have a story for you today Folks. I am sitting here with Kenya’s own Son, born and bred and does he have a story for you! This guy!, in the last… what is it?…6 years?

David Micheke:  4 years(beaming with a smile!)

Jeff Koinange: You heard it here first folks. In the last 4 years, David has been able to not only change his life, but he changed the lives of his parents. Let us hear it from the horses mouth folks. So david, walk us through your Journey. Where did you did this journey that we will be discusing begin?

David micheke:( adjusting to sit up straight) Well Jeff, first let me start by saying thank you for having me on the Bench!. I have wanted to be right here for some time!

Jeff Koinange: Game recognize game so we had to have you here!…

David Micheke: Well if i were to go to the begining,  i would say my desire to better my life begun in the second year of the second university i had attended. I was a typical student, focused on partying more than grades and i really had no direction or idea what i wanted to do with my life!

Jeff Koinange: didn’t we all!!!(both bust out laughing and high five)

David micheke: Towards the end of that year i made a decision that i wanted to better my life and figure out how to actually get a grip of my journey. so i promptly stopped going to class and looked for a sales job since I had read somewehere that sales skills  are the get way skill to riches.

Jeff Koinange: aha aha! I believe I was told the same thing!, i have a funny story for you on that once you finish!

David Micheke@ would love to hear it!… that choice changed alot from me including the career i eventually ended up in. Once i got a job though, I sort of forgot the initial drive I had and got comfortable and it was a few years until the next spark hit me.

Jeff Koinange: Tell me about this spark!

David Micheke: What can I say, my life did a proper 180! from living my life backwards to living forwards

Jeff Koinange:Forks hold on to your sits!, its about to get juicy!!! go on..

David Micheke:You see jeff, up untl that point, i did not undertsnad one fundermental truth about this would we live in. that it is first created within us, then we experience it in what we call the real world…. The world within creates the world without…

Jeff Koinange: Am sure what you just said is profound in many levels, now break it down for the common mwananchi(citizen) in the streets, what does that mean for you?

David Micheke: am glad you asked Jeff, well what it meant for me, and it took me some time to internalize it, is that I have control over my life. My life will head in one of two ways, I decide where its headed or I close my eyes, let go of the wheel and hope and pray I end up where I really want to go!… you wanna guess which of the two options gets you to your desired destination?

Jeff Koinange: All go with option A! ha ha ha..

David Micheke: Exactly! Once I realised this as fact. I focused my life for the next 4 years building my ability to control my mind thus create my reality and I taught the people around me to do the same.

Jeff Koinange: thus you created the reality you wanted

David Micheke: Correct!

Jeff Koinange: Now David before we go on break here, give us and idea, what you have been able to accomplish in the last four years from taking control of your mind.

David Micheke:(Smiling while he speaks)  The  memory i truely treaure from 2019 and believe me there were a lot of amazing memories to treasure that year, was when I took my wife to Santorini for our honeymoon and week booked one of this blue and white wind mills that  have been converted into  houses with a beautiful balcony on the side that you can see the ocean from.

Jeff Koinange: I can imagine!…

David Micheke: When we got there, I remember feeling Happy, and I believe a tear or two slide down my cheeks as I remembered writing this moment down as my definite major purpose.

Jeff Koinange: What’s that?

David Micheke: We can call it a road map for my life.

Jeff Koinange:Understood

David Micheke:I remember I felt so free running around the town with my wife taking photos and trying out the local food, my wife loves that stuff!. The moment I knew my life was different was when we decided to extend our stay, I just simply woke up, changed the date on the flight tickets and extended our holiday, just like that, and why did i do that? cause I could. My life was finally my life with no one else dictating what I will do. We went to the vinecountry in santorini on red shiny vespa’s. the road’s were tiny meaning cars passing felt very close but it was a lot of fun. My wife had hers and i had mine so we kept racing. It was a lot of fun!.

When we got to the vinyard, we found our family there.

Jeff Koinange: Oh my! Wamy! forks!, I told you Its getting juicy, So your parents and Siblings had flown there after the wedding and they were waiting for you guys in the vineyard?

David Micheke: Yes! You see, my wife knew about Santorini cause its something we had talked a lot about but she had no idea that the family was going to be there as well!. I had gotten a beautiful 3 story Villa, right on the edge of the vineyard where if you look through the front yard, you can see acres and acres of vine trees.

We had an amazing 2 extra weeks with the family and we just enjoyed each others company stress free

Jeff Koinange: I have to say, in my years of being a journalist, i have had of amazing stories but that one takes the cake! and we are not yet at the 4 years mark yet!

David Micheke: Not yet!

Jeff Koinange: Forks do not go any where, we have a lot more to cover, will be right back after this…